On Tuesday night (28 April), Vivy Yusof and her brand dUCk Scarves came under the spotlight once again.

dUCk Scarves recently launched a new collection called ‘The Artsy dUCk’, and a portion of the sales will go to the Pusat Jagaan Amal Asyura orphanage.

However, the collection did not sit well with many netizens as another local designer and brand – Nia Atasha (or known as Sleepy Lllama/Sleepy Studio) and Soonaru - have come forward to claim that the new dUCk Scarves collection bears a lot of resemblance to their collection which was released in 2018.

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Claims of plagiarism​​

Are they the same?
Nia, who is also a model and a TV host, aired her grievances via her social media pages and says that she’s devastated that the brand released a similar design and even copied the concept of her campaign photoshoot - which is in an art studio.

“I want to believe that Vivy is a lovely person and a great entrepreneur and im sure running a giant bussiness/company is no easy task, but BUT BUT WHAT IS THIS,” Nia tweeted.

Nia appears to be really upset about the whole situation.

Not too long after the accusations surfaced, Vivy issued a statement via her instagram story and said that “dUCk scarves didn’t copy as past accusations say, and this includes The Artsy dUCk”.

She added that the print for The Artsy dUCk collection was designed back in June 2018, while Soonaru X Sleepy Llama’s collection was released in December 2018.

Vivy's response to the plagarism accusation.
“As for the campaign, since this collection is called The Artsy dUCk, we felt it was apt to have an artist studio theme. Many have done this concept but as usual, if dUCk does it, let’s boycott dUCk,” the FashionValet co-founder added.

Nia then rebutted Vivy’s claim and provided proof that she and Soonaru had been in discussion about their design since May 2018.

She also added that she’s even more devastated as she’s just a small timer who’s helpless and “will never win against the power dUCk has”.

“The ONLY accusation I’ll make here is that you need a NEW creative team because whoever you have now is constantly putting you to shame. Maybe think and be sad about that,” Nia said.

Ironically, the Sleepy Studio X Soonaru scarf collaboration is still being sold on FashionValet at the time of the release and allegations against The Artsy dUCk.

Netizens defend Sleepy Studio

It is unclear whether both parties have come to a settlement or a truce regarding the plagiarism accusations, but a quick check on Twitter shows that netizens are mostly unhappy with dUCk Scarves and how Vivy responded to the matter.

So, what do you think? Are they similar but not the same? Or is this just a blatant copy of someone else’s design?