SPOILER ALERT: Shredding RM50 notes won't result in a tree sprouting cash.

So Maxis recently put out a plantable Ang Pow campaign along with a heartwarming video and people are impressed to say the least. The Plant-A-Blessing Ang Pow promotion is impressive because of the ang pow that 'magically' sprouts trees. Are the ang pow packets just filled with seeds or is there something more?

They're called Seed Paper

Yeah, it's as simple as that. Seed Paper is a type of handmade paper that includes seeds in the paper making process. It has been made as gifts in America since 1941 and Wikipedia claims that the practise has gone on for centuries. Here's how it works:

That's it. (Image: Botanical Paperworks)
It's not easy to make ang pow packets on your own at home but this is the general idea. The recycled paper should decompose within your pot and the seeds will begin to sprout. There's really nothing else to it. The seed paper initiative is actually a bio-degradable way to recycle paper and it can be made into various shapes to be given as gifts.

Get it? Love grows? Because this paper grows into a plant. Right?
So are you going to grow yourself some blessing? The first 300 customers who purchase from Maxis' online store will get a free set of Maxis plantable ang pows or alternatively, you can download the MyMaxis app and get the MyMaxis Deal pass to present to participating Maxis Centres around you to redeem the ang pow. Check out the list of Maxis participating centres here. Finally, since that boy and grandma from the campaign were so darned cute, here's the video titled "Money That Grandma Owes Me":