How many of you played Neopets when you were younger? It was one of the biggest things that happened to the internet nearly 20 years ago.

In the virtual world of Neopia, users can create and take care of digital pets called Neopets that come in a variety of species and colours.

Players can also buy items within the game to interact with their Neopets, such as books and toys, and fight other Neopets in the Battledome.

It was kind of like an alternative for Pokémon, if you will.

Just revisiting all these elements from this game truly brings back all the fun memories! Especially for some of us who didn't grow up playing online games like Ragnarok Online, Counter Strike and Dota.

Now, Neopets may be ancient compared to all the online and mobile games we have today, but there has been a lot of buzz recently about plans for the game to make a comeback.

And the news is finally official!

A brand new Legends and Letters will be arriving in the form of a mobile site and app this October, a part puzzle game based on the characters and stories you were familiar with back in the day.

Besides the new app, both old and new players will also enjoy dozens of mini games on the browser site, like the ones you played on the original website since 1999 that still stands today!

You can play virtually anything on your phone now.
According to Lad Bible, Legends and Letters will feature your Neopets battling computer-controlled enemies, though it will be a different experience from the website game.

The game will also add a new comic book styled story feature in between the battles.

However, if your existing Neopets are still alive and well after all these years, you won't be able to transfer them into the app.

This will mark the very first time Neopets steps outside their original website. So, it will surely be a fresh and new experience for old and new players alike.

This writer's personal favourite.
Legends and Letters will be released for both iOS and Android. But if you can't be bothered to download yet another app, you can also play the game on the mobile version of the Neopets site in your phone's browser.

We can't wait to see a brand new Neopets this October!