Would you walk into a transparent public toilet and use them if such a thing exists in Malaysia?

Are you open to being that open?

Errrrr..probably not right.

Well, see-through toilets have become a thing and have been spotted at several public areas in Tokyo but it's not as bad as it sounds.

Twitter user Yukio shared images of the transparent toilets in a park in Syibuya that apparently will brilliantly turn opaque when the door is locked, on Twitter.


The post went viral

According to a report in Mothership, the tweet went viral with close to 70,000 retweets and comments.

The report also mentioned that the toilets are likely made of smart glass technology.

When there's no electric current running through the glass panels, the liquid crystal molecules in the panels are randomly arranged and are not activated, creating the frosted glass effect we see in the picture when the power is off.

When the electric current runs through the glass, the liquid crystal molecules will align, allowing the glass to clear up and light to pass through.

Here's a video of it in action:
You can always count on Japan to come up with something like this!