Love sushi? What about a stinky version of it?

And we’re not talking about a mild stink tau. It’s more like the stinkiest sushi in the world type of stink!

Known as Funazushi, the sushi is made from a type of Japanese fish called nigorobuna.

I stink!

Fermented for years

According to a report in Mashable SEA, the sushi is fermented for three years.

Quoting Atlas Obscura, the report said after the fish is caught, it is fermented with salt for a year.

Dare to try a scoop?

After that, it is taken out and mixed with rice before being packed away for another two to three years.

This process not only softens the fish but gives it a stinky smell.

Many who have tried funazushi have compared it to tangy cheese or even ammonia. It’s also how it earned its reputation as the “stinkiest sushi in the world.”

The pungent sushi is now being turned into ice cream by Japanese brand CocoShiga.

Can you stomach that?

People who’ve tried the ice cream said that the pungent odour of fermented fish is unnoticeable due to the ice cream’s sweet scent.

Some even compared it to the taste of Mascarpone cheese.