Vaccination is a part and parcel of a human’s life to avoid diseases.

But what to do if you’re scared of needles?

Perhaps, the invention of Professor Tetsuya Nozaka from Mie University’s Graduate School of Infectious Disease Control and Medicine can help you.

At least when it comes to preventing the coronavirus.

According to a report in SoraNews24, Tetsuya has announced the development of a new coronavirus vaccine that can be administered through a nose spray.

Might be a faster option

Tetsuya said the spray vaccine has been in the development stage since March 2020 and can be stored for six months.

“The vaccine can be sprayed through both nostrils, and the appropriate antibodies will be produced,” he said.

He said that there’s a very low chance of developing side effects upon spraying the vaccine and he hopes the vaccines can be used a s a booster shot.

“The vaccine’s effectiveness surprised even us,” he said.

Despite that, Tetsuya said he is facing a uphill task in rolling out the vaccine as it will cost US$9.1 million (RM38 million) to commercialise this vaccine.

Tetsuya is hoping that the spray vaccine will be used not only in Japan but worldwide, within two years.

We hope the professor succeeds in his project for the benefit of people around the world in battling the coronavirus.