When you were 12, how did your parents or family treated you upon receiving your UPSR results?

The most some of us got was probably RM10 for every A we got, or if we were lucky, maybe lunch at KFC. The rest probably got an earful for not scoring well.

But for one boy from Kedah, his parents decided to give him the gift of a lifetime which we are pretty sure will be the envy of his fellow schoolmates!

Flower bouquet seller and event planner, Rak Bunga, recently shared one of their customer’s orders.

According to the post, the lucky boy received a money bouquet worth RM10,000!

Which means, the boy got RM2,000 for every A he got for his UPSR.

According to the Malay Mail, husband and wife Ihsan Fahmi Ishak and Nor Ashikin Ahmad Pauzai ordered a RM10,000 money bouquet comprising of RM50 banknotes to reward their third child Muhammad Danish Haziq for obtaining 5As and 1B in his UPSR examination.

The couple runs a café in Alor Setar and had promised their son that they’ll reward him handsomely if he scores well for his UPSR.

“Earlier, he had asked me and my husband to buy him an iPhone, but we were afraid that he would misuse the phone and not focus on his studies,” Ashikin told Harian Metro in an interview.

“So, we promised to give him RM10,000 in cash if he scored well in the exam.”

Danish after getting his money be like...
The 33-year-old mother also said that they are not a well-to-do family and had to use their savings and work really hard to make sure they had the amount in three months.

Although Muhammad Danish didn’t score straight As, his parents were still impressed with his results.

“Thankfully, he made the right decision and asked us to keep the money in a savings account for him,” Nor Ashikin said.

Well, hard work pays off! We can’t imagine how much he’ll be getting if he gets straight As for his SPM.

Congratulations, Muhammad Danish!