In today’s episode of “influencer buat apa hari ini?”, Ryzal Ibrahim of DurianKimchi duo caused outrage after mocking a traditional Iban women’s dress worn by her wife.

In a clip that has gone viral, the Kelantanese told his wife, Maryam You Narae, that the top part of her dress looks like a TV mat from the 70s, the cloth she was wearing looked like an old, dirty rag on a washing machine, and she had coins dangling on her waist.

Indigenous folks from Borneo, especially those of Iban descent, were unhappy with his remarks and a police report was subsequently made against him.

Justice for our Iban friends

KEMADA lodging a police report against Ryzal Ibrahim.
According to Bernama, the Dayak Traditional Arts and Culture Club (Kemada) has lodged a report at the Lanang Police Station against the Instagram celebrity for ridiculing the traditional dress of Iban women.

The police report was lodged by the chairman of the club, Jackery Hillary Chukan, who was accompanied by five other members, all of whom wore traditional Iban warrior's costumes.

Jackery said the report was made because Ryzal was being insensitive to their culture via his Instagram video.

"Such comments insult the traditional costumes of the Iban. We cannot accept his apology which was uploaded on his social media," he said.

Netizens voiced out their anger and disgust against the influencer on Twitter.

Ryzal has since deleted the viral clip and issed an apology via his Instagram account. But the damage has been done.

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Both Ryzal and Maryam gained popularity after he married the South Korean women and shared their intercultural relationship on social media.

We hope that no matter who you are be it influencer or not, you should be respectful to every culture we have in Malaysia.