If you have a cat at home, you'll know how mischievous it can get.

However, this poor dude did not get the memo.

One very expensive lesson

A Malaysian man recently took to his social media pages to share a picture of his personal belonging that was half chewed up by his pet cat.

Afif Adlan Mohd Hanafiah felt his heart breaking into a million pieces when he noticed that his cat had destroyed a piece of paper in his room.

That piece of paper turns out to be his university degree.

Afif, who graduated with a finance, accounting, and management degree from the University of Nottingham in July, tweeted that he couldn't believe that of all the useless papers he has in his room, his cat decided to go for the most expensive one.

"Of all the useless papers in my room, he ate my f*****g degree. It’s like he f*****g knew,” he ranted.

Afif then shared a picture of the perpetrator: the meow named Mika, who, by the looks of it, doesn't seem to show any signs of guilt at all.
Afif's rant has since gone viral on the social media site, having re-tweeted more than 72,000 times and garnering more than 467,000 likes.

Netizens, for the most part, symphatised with Afif's pain:

Interestingly, there were those who also shared stories of their beloved pets going cray cray on their personal belongings:

Thankfully for Afif, his university has decided to help him out:

So, let this be a lesson for you guys who have cats at home: hide your university degrees!

We don't need no cats taking over the world after eating some knowledge.