Most people on lockdown have taken up a new hobby, read a few more books or even learnt a new language.

This 37-year-old from the US, however, decided to use his additional free time to build a mini Ninja-Warrior-style assault course for his pet hedgehog.

Mike Cannizzaro, who works in a company that offers fun activities to families, decided to build the assault course to entertain Pepper, his hedgehog.

"I live in a condo where they don't allow traditional pets like cats and dogs, but I'm a huge animal lover.

"I looked online and I came across a post for a hedgehog needing a new home because the owner was in college and didn't feel like she gave it enough attention.

"I owned one when I was a little lad and I thought it would also make a great mascot for my business since the kids would love to see her, and they rolled into little balls like a 'mini Knockerball'. I got in touch with the girl and the rest is history,” he said.

A cure for boredom

According to LadBible, Cannizzaro also revealed that his pet was getting a little lazy during the lockdown period.

"Every time I let her roam on the sofa she would always try to get down to the ground where she loves to run freely. I thought about it a little and gathered some items around the house and set them up on the sofas in my living room,” he said.

He built the assault course with basic household items such as empty cans.

Pepper must have loved it!