Admit it, we all wish for a job where we do nothing but get paid at the end of the month at the same time.

Well, wishing for such a job and actually ‘working’ to establish it are two different things.

A man has shared how he got paid, received promotions, as well as raises for "doing nothing" at work for five years.

Wait, what!

The definition of working smart, not hard

According to a report in Times Now News, the man got a data entry job on night shifts in 2015.

"It was a data entry position, meaning I get an email containing the details of an order and proceeding to input the information into our system," he said on Reddit, as quoted in the report.

Upon finishing his training, he realised that he could actually get the work done using code.

Thinking smart, he hired a freelancer to develop the code for him and spent his two months’ salary to pay the freelancer.

From there, everything was a breeze for him.

Working from home helped

He just needed to do was provide input for how many orders he wanted to process per hour.

The process is much easier because he worked from home without anyone monitoring him.

"For the first two years, I would check if there was something the code cannot do (usually took me less than 5 minutes) and then I would let the computer running and watch movies, go to bed, sometimes I'd even go out. Then I added those functions to the code as well."

In fact, he shared that was offered promotions a few times for his "remarkable job" and got offers from other jobs as well.

He also got salary raises twice for not taking leaves.

However, it all came to an end recently, after his employers developed a programme after four years, that would replace his position.

"A few weeks ago I got my severance check, I was told I could keep the laptop and office equipment and that I'm welcome to apply for any position I want. I never talked about that with anybody IRL, not even my family, even my wife wasn't sure what my job was about with that other company. Now that it is over. There you go, my darkest work secret," he said.

Reddit users mostly were impressed with his dark work secret, as he put it.

"You were paid to do a job. Who gives a shit how you got it done. Love this one... Hahahaha,” wrote one user.

"Yeah. If in 5 years no one ever checked in to find out how he was spending his time, it's on them. He got paid to fill in data, he filled in the data. Contract fulfilled,” wrote another.

"Automate something for a company, get paid once. Automate your own job without anyone knowing and get paid for five years of doing nothing. Hats off to you, even if the ride is over,” wrote yet another user.

We're not 100% sure if the story is tru but if it is, we truly salute you!