If you’ve been spending too much time with your partner during the lockdown period, you’re bound to drive each other up the wall.

While most couples do it accidentally, there are some who do it deliberately.

Nick Smith's wife Jess told him to 'tastefully' decorate their living room, and the ingenious (and brave) man decided to cover it with 6,000 Gummy Bears to prank her.

Ladbible reported that with the help of his daughters Isabella, 7, and Amelia, 5, he spent more than four hours sticking sweets to the wall to pull off the prank.

Smith then posted a video of his finished work on the family's Facebook page for Jess.

How did she react?

She obviously wasn’t happy.

Prank taken to the next level


When Jess asked "What's this?", Smith explained that he had decorated the room 'tastefully', and it is the 'tastiest wall anyone has ever done'.

“I had some out-of-date sweets - one of my mate's owns a shop and he was going to throw them away, but I thought I'd take them and use them to wind my partner up.

"It took me and the kids four-and-a-half hours; there was ten boxes, which was six thousand sweets in total.

"It was pretty easy to get them to stick on - we were just licking them and popping them on," he said.

A sticky situation.

While’s it’s all fun to decorate the wall with gummy bears, the family had a hard time removing them because it takes off the paint from the wall as well.

Looks like Nick is going to end up spending money to redecorate the room (properly) after all.