With nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram and 205,000 followers on YouTube, Sabrina Azhar is undoubtedly a Malaysian sensation making waves in South Korea.

The 22-year-old started vlogging about her life in South Korea as a Mechanical Engineering Student at Hanyang University, Seoul and found that her content resonated with her fans and she began gaining more and more followers.

After being chosen to star in 3&more, a YouTube reality show where Korean men go on blind dates with Malaysian women, Sabrina's star power rose and she is now represented by WILD Entertainment Group, a South Korean entertainment agency.

Though she's better known for her informative vlogs and efforts to bridge the cultural gap between Korea and Malaysia, she recently drew the ire of netizens due to a reporting by BBC World Service that focused on her life as a hijab-wearing woman who dances to K-Pop.

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In the video, Sabrina talks about combining her love for the hijab and her love for dancing which led to some backlash from Malaysian commenters.

User @ulfaxx commented "She said the right thing tho. She’s not harming anyone,she’s just harming her religion. ?" while user @sbjj_s commented "I'm not harming anyone....sedih wehhh napa camne."

We're in no place to comment on whether her dancing is appropriate or not, we'll leave that to the Internet scholars.

Sabrina is in her final year of her studies in South Korea and we foresee a bright future ahead of her. You go Sabrina! Bring more South Korean productions to Malaysia and help shine a light on more local talent in Malaysia