Everybody knows 'Grumpy Cat', the internet's darling until it passed away last year.

Don't worry folks, we have a new 'Grumpy Cat' in town, and dare we say, she's even angrier and grumpier than the original 'Grumpy Cat'.

Permanently angry?

The new Grumpy Cat, named Kitzia, is now the internet's latest darling, thanks to the permanent scowl she has on her face.

In fact, because of her adorable scowl, the feline is known as Angry Kitzia on social media.

'Watchu looking at?'
Not happy going for a car ride.
Kitzia lives with her human, Viktoriia Otdielnova, in Florida, USA.

Viktoriia was originally from the Ukraine, but she has been working as a professional photographer in the US for the past six year.

That would explain why the netizens love her pictures of Angry Kitzia on social media.

Just Kitzia being angry.
Let's play hide and stay angry!
According to Bored Panda, Otdielnova created an Instagram account for Kitzia in April 2018, and she has been sharing photos and videos of the grumpy cat ever since.

In fact, Angry Kitzia's Instagram page has blown up seemingly overnight, amassing more than 82,500 followers.

To be honest, it's easy to see why when Kitzia seems like she's always judging you.

Yes, she is judging you.
Spending quality time with her human.
However, despite looking angry all the time, Otdielnova said Kitzia is actually a very sweet and adorable kitty.

She's just "a cat with emotions", Otdielnova said.

Well, with what's been happening around the world lately, Kitzia has a very good reason to be angry, right?

If you want your daily dose of angst from this cute little cat, you can follow Angry Kitzia on her official Instagram page.