The most Instagrammed island in the world is just a short plane trip from Malaysia.

Swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches, numerous sea swings, magnificent jumbo treetop swings, beautiful architecture and diverse culture.

It's so beautiful.

Just hanging out.
Chilling out to some amazing views.
Have you guessed the name of the island yet?

It's none other than Bali!

Hashtags galore

According to a report in AFP-Relaxnews, quoting travel agent Tourlane’s ranking published this week, Bali is the island with the largest number of hashtags on Instagram.

The Indonesian island has raked up more than 60,000,000 mentions on the social media platform.

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Tourlane’s ranking only includes islands that are not sovereign nations.

Islands with fewer than 100,000 hashtags were also automatically excluded as well.

Apart from Bali, the other islands that made it into the top 10 rankings include Ibiza (Spain) ranked 2nd, Sicily (Italy) 3rd, Mallorca (Spain) 4th, Tenerife (Spain) 6th, Sardinia (Italy) 7th, Santorini (Greece) 9th and Corsica (France) 10th.

Have you been to Bali? Do have a beautiful Instagram picture from there?

Share it in the comments section and let's all relieve the trip together.