2020 has been a whole lot of things for us Malaysians, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve stayed home more than we could’ve ever imagined, and a lot of us spent most of our free time online, especially on Twitter.

To wrap up the year, Twitter has released a list of “Most Tweeted” in Malaysia.

2020 belongs to…

So, who did Malaysians talk about the most this year?

Well the 2020 crown belongs to entrepreneur and TV host Neelofa.

According to the social media site, Neelofa is the most tweeted entertainer in Malaysia, beating out big Hollywood names such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Yuna who also made the list.

It’s no surprise that Neelofa gained a lot of traction this year, especially after her decision to don the niqab full time and also her engagement to celebrity preacher, Haris Ismail, or also known as PU Riz.

Neelofa and PU Riz at one of her events.
The Naelofar hijab founder was also put back in the spotlight recently after reports surfaced that her engagement was on the rocks.

As for hashtags, topping the list would be no surprise – #covid19 followed by #dudukrumah and #kitajagakita.

And we know how much Malaysians love K-pop so the most tweeted K-pop group of the year goes to BTS with EXO and SEVENTEEN tailing behind.

So, who and what do you think will be the most talked person and topic in 2021?