Plagiarism isn’t something new in Malaysia; in fact, the act is quite rampant in all industries.

Local actor and entrepreneur Wak Doyok was recently accused of plaigarising Dior after he teased his upcoming perfume line named ‘Dosa’ (Malay for 'sin').

And to be honestly, one look and you could tell that the bottle’s packaging and font design resembles Dior Sauvage, a perfume for men.

Doyok vs Dior

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After having a glimpse of the perfume, netizens flocked to Wak Doyok’s Instagram page to point out the similarity between his perfume and Dior’s.

The 41-year-old, however, has no problems addressing the controversy.

He admitted that the perfume bottle was the same as Sauvage’s but the scent was created by himself.

There were also a few who found humour in the perfume’s name.

Risau nak pakai sebab takut nanti bertambah dosa (I’m scared to wear it because my sins will start multiplying),” Instagram user @reezmoes wrote.

Another commented “Ah… finally I’d understand how a sin smells like.”

@aniqshr added “Is it a sin if I wear it, Wak?”

Regardless of what netizens say, Wak Doyok seems unbothered and will probably go ahead and launch the perfume albeit it looking the same as Dior Sauvage’s.

Dosa by Wak Doyok is scheduled for sale on 3 April 2021.