Students and former students will usually be familiar with exorbitant prices of rooms for rent, especially those in centrally-located areas in KL. While most students wouldn’t expect to live in rooms resembling a five-star hotel, one would at least expect proper living conditions for a human being.

This post which went viral on Twitter had the caption of ‘Good morning except to house owners in KL who rent out rooms like these’. It shocked netizens with its miniscule size as the ‘room’ for rent that cost RM300 only included a thin mattress, a wall fan, no windows and not enough room to swing a cat, literally.

According to the person who shared the posting, the accommodation was in the Maluri area and had close proximity to the LRT, Pavilion, and had views of KLCC.

People quickly chimed in with hilarious (and some sarcastic) comments as well as photos of similar units.

One morbidly and amusingly asked, “So it follows the size of coffins?”. Another shared another option of an ‘upgrade’ which showed a tiny room with water stains on its walls with a bed and a small shelf that goes for RM350 a month.

Another compared it to rooms in Hong Kong, which are known for having the highest property prices in the world. Their partitioned apartments where some people can’t even stretch out their feet are referred to as ‘coffin homes’.

Apparently rooms like these are rather common, as a Netizen shared their previous experience of renting a room while working in Segamat, Johor where one shop lot was divided into ten rooms with only one toilet shared between them that was akin to living like sardines.

One said that it was probably a toilet that had been renovated into a room and that there might be a squatting toilet underneath the mattress.

It is heartbreaking to think of people that aren’t able to afford any place beyond this having to resort to such a unit. Haiyo *sigh*.

Image source: @flwrsxB, @IrwanAffandi_