One week after the fact and we're still being dogged by yet another naming controversy. JAKIM had their day in the sun, treading the line between duty and sanity, but now another company has decided that their 'next big idea' was to combine a highly non-halal substance, pork, with Malaysia's film icon, P. Ramlee.

Ninja Joe proprietor, Kelvin Tan, told The Malay Mail Online that the name was an homage to Ramly burger, not the late actor and confirmed that the P stood for pork. This image was printed on a poster and displayed in shopping malls, causing some confusion among consumers. The Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) has urged the authorities to take action against the name.

Though we normally support creativity and free speech, we're finding it hard to understand the leap in logic here. You either associate pork with the halal brand Ramly, and actually confuse some people, or associate Pork with Tan Sri P. Ramlee, a Muslim and national icon that would never consume pork, and piss off a whole bunch of people. There's no win in either scenario.


As a result of the poorly conceived name, they've got engagements on their Facebook page and are now doing an impromptu poll to decide on the new name for the Pork Ramly. The proposed names are Bac-on Harmony, Freedom Patty, and Liberty Poker. We hate all those names, so here are some suggestions:


Or porker if you're in a hurry. Like flickr or grindr. You're the porkr.


Commemorate the amazing leap in logic with a burger that will remind not only yourselves, but the general public that pork was once associated with either Ramly Burger or P. Ramlee. Call it the 'What Were You Thinking' burger. If McDonald's has the GCB, you will have the WWYT.


The name is already confusing and you're not a halal establishment anyway, so it will never have to be renamed 'mildly-attractive sausage'. Might as well rename your burger hot dog and only confuse the people who consume non-halal products.

Head to the Facebook page in question if you'd like to vote, or share this article with them if you like our name suggestions better.