Recently, a new grumpy cat, Kitzia, stole the spotlight for being even grumpier than its predecessor, who sadly passed away in 2019.

And now, it seems that Kitzia may have a new grumpy friend and this friend has a very interesting job – a watermelon farm supervisor.

Hard at work

Meet Pearl, a fluffy cat who works as a supurr-visor at a watermelon farm in Suphan Buri, Thailand, according to BoredPanda.

Pearl isn't happy with today's harvest.
Hurry up and load these, hoomans.
Pearl has been ‘overseeing’ operations at the watermelon farm for the past six years and will make sure other employees are doing their job right with just one deadly glare.

The furball became an internet sensation recently and interestingly, he also has his own YouTube and Facebook page.

His owner shared his antics not only at the watermelon farm but also at home, on vacation, and out in the wild.

What is this, hooman?!
Employee of the month.Please, no touching.Hooman took me on vacation.
Hoomans gave me a bad day.
Well, even with that face, we bet a lot of people would be queuing up just to work for the grumpy supervisor.