When people talk about hot air balloon rides, the first place that’ll come to mind would probably be in Cappadocia, Turkey or in Bruges, Belgium. And if riding it is part of your bucket list, it’ll be really costly just to travel half the world away to materialize your dream. But if you’re familiar with the annual Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival, you’d most likely know by now that the hot air balloon has made its way to Malaysia. So the good news is, you don’t really have to spend a bomb on air fare tickets and travel thousands of miles away just to experience it.

Not only that, you don’t even have to wait for another year until the next annual hot air balloon festival as MyBalloon Adventure offers daily hot air balloon rides in Putrajaya! These guys are total experts when it comes to flying and they are the first company in the country to receive an Air Operating Certificate (AOC) to operate commercial hot air balloon rides. Did we also mention that they are the same team who are responsible for the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival? So before you get all excited planning your next journey to the sky, here are five things you need to know about riding a hot air balloon in Putrajaya.

#1 It’s not as scary as it seems

Image: MyBalloon Adventure
When we first got there, our anxiety started kicking in. A thousand questions raced through our minds –are we going to feel gayat, is the basket big enough, and will we be overwhelmed with the sudden fear of heights? But once we were up in the sky, truth to be told, it was actually a liberating experience. Our initial fears eventually banished and the adrenaline rush started pumping in.

#2 So this is what a bird’s eye-view feels like

Image: Rojak Daily
If you’ve always heard the term “bird’s-eye view” and wondered what it actually feels like, this is the experience that’ll really resonate. An airplane ride cannot ever compare to the thrill that this a hot air balloon ride gives us. You’ll literally feel like a bird navigating its way through the morning sky.

#3 We have really beautiful landscapes and buildings

Image: Iylia/Rojak Daily
Image: Iylia/Rojak Daily
Image: Iylia/Rojak Daily
The view from above really gave us a different perspective, we saw another side of Putrajaya we’ve never seen before. The scenic landscapes will sweep you off your feet and leave you speechless. All those little details and intricate architecture you’ve never realized before suddenly becomes clear. We had a new level of appreciation for the beauty of our country.

#4 Safety is always a priority

Image: Iylia/Rojak Daily
If you have some reservations on how safe the ride is, don’t worry, you’ll be in the safe hands of a licensed pilot who will take good care of you. Towards the end of our ride, the sky started to look gloomy. Our pilot, Captain Jonas, made the decision to land us in an open field as soon as possible. Right after we landed, the rain immediately started pounding. Safety is always a concern and priority of the captain and team. And if you're concerned about the fire that's burning the fuel, the burner is situated at a safe distance from the passenger.

#5 Their team and captain’s service is first-class

Image: Rojak Daily
From the moment we arrived at Prescint 2 for takeoff, we felt immediately comfortable and welcomed. One of their team members, Atiqah, greeted us and accommodated to all our needs. The other staff members were also really friendly and helpful, so you can expect a wonderful, smooth-sailing experience during the whole process.

If you’re really intrigued to know how our hot air balloon experience went down, watch it here:

MyBalloon Adventure operates on a daily basis but you’ll need to book ahead to secure your spot. Their packages start from RM850 onwards and each ride comes with complimentary pre-flight refreshments and post-flight breakfast plus a certificate. You can contact them for more information:

Website: http://myballoonadventure.com/
Contact no: 03-90440104
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: MyBalloon Adventure