Singer Aina Abdul’s A Night with Aina Abdul 2.0 Live concert that will be staged at Istana Budaya, has been facing fans’ cries of woe over the high price of the tickets.

However, the singer told mStar that the concert will be worth the price of admission.

“I promise to give my very best. Those who attended my showcase 1.0 previously must know by now that I’m not playing around when it comes to live performances. I’ll give it my 300 percent. 

“I understand the situation of my fans who expressed their concerns, but I also hope that the fans can understand my situation as well,” she told the news portal, as quoted in a report in Malay Mail.

Aina said she had to fork out money from her own pocket for the concert and taking a risk by doing so.

This despite it being a topic on Twitter after some complained about tickets being too pricey. 

The A Night with Aina Abdul 2.0 Live concert is on June 25 and June 26 with ticket prices ranging from RM113.36 to RM1,246.96.

Netizens were complaining about the most expensive ticket at the concert, for the Sumpah Gold Seat, priced at RM1,246.96.

Some even compared it to other celebrities’ concerts.

“Aina’s concert at Istana Budaya is damn expensive. Girl, the gap from the cheapest price is more than 50 percent. The price is at CT’s (Siti Nurhaliza) Axiata Arena’s level already,” tweeted user kvmvl92. 

Despite that, some of Aina’s fans defended the price saying that the singer’s concert is worth it.

“Even though I cannot afford her concert or any other concerts, the difference with Aina is that she always surprises her fans with a lot of unreleased songs. 

“And that is EXCLUSIVELY for her fans who bought her concert tickets, and I would say it’s worth it,” tweeted user Azlan. 

Well, to each his own!