If you’re from Petaling Jaya, you’d remember Taman Paramount as that sleepy old town that elderlies like your grannies will spend most of their time at; from flocking the kopitiams or doing taichi at the park.

But over the years, Taman Paramount has turned into something else entirely. With the trend of refurbishing old buildings on the rise, coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs saw that as an opportunity to reinvent Taman Paramount as a lifestyle hub - for better or for worse.

With this collective realisation that Taman Paramount changed so radically, social media users took it to Twitter and discussed the shift in the most Gen Z way possible.
This new Taman Paramount attracted a totally new crowd, the ones you’d never thought would step foot in that quiet town. Because beyond the croissant-serving, croffle-loving cafes, Taman Paramount is now the home of various thrift shops. However, not everyone’s a fan of those establishments. Exhibit A:Now that this little town is garnering a lot of attention, this newfound hype may just be good for Taman Paramount, the cafes and the mom & pop shops there.So why do you think Taman Paramount is trending?Of course, not everyone understands Gen Z humour on Twitter. Such tweets left even bigger questions to the ones who may not understand the jokes.
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