Have a lot of money lying around? Well, you can now flush them down the toilet - literally!

If you're one of those rich people who live, breathe and eat designer labels and monograms, we've found the perfect present for you.

An artist based in Los Angeles has created a one-of-a-kind toilet wrapped entirely in Louis Vuitton leather. And to top it all off, the toilet is also gold-plated!

How's that for luxury?

The artist, who goes by the name of Illma Gore -- she also did a nude painting of US President Donald Trump last year which courted a whole lot of controversy -- created the luxury toilet using 24 Louis Vuitton bags which came up to USD15,000 (RM62,820) in total.

According to Daily Mail UK, she reportedly spent three months working on the toilet, which, by the way, is aptly called the 'Loo-uis Vuitton Toilet'.


Can you smell the leather?
And if you thought the toilet is just another 'art piece' that you display in the living room of your house to make your friends jealous of how much money you have, oh boy you're so wrong.

Gore has made the loo a fully-functional one, which means that you can actually connect it to the plumbing in your house and it will flush after you're done doing your business.

Expensive business, this.
The 'Loo-uis Vuitton Toilet' is currently available for sale on this website for a whopping USD100,000 (RM418,850). The loo has never been used and the price tag includes shipping, so it sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

We're pretty sure your girlfriend/wife would approve of this purchase.