Forbes has released its list of Asia's Richest Families of 2016 and two Malaysian families are represented in it. Wealth is calculated on stock prices of their companies and exchange rates from the close of business on October 28, 2016. Private companies were valued based on similar companies that are publicly traded. There are two qualifiers: the family's wealth must be rooted in Asia and that fortune had to extend at least three generations. According to the list, these are the two wealthiest families in Malaysia and where they rank on the top 20 list:

The Kuok Family at #15

Net Worth: US$13.4 billion/RM59 billion
Source of Wealth: Kuok Group

The 'Sugar King' needs no introduction to Malaysians. The Shangri-La Hotel chains are owned by the group and his son manages the Asia division. Another son leads PACC Offshore Services Holdings, while a third son is the director at Kerry Logistics. His nephew co-founded Wilmar International, the world's biggest processor of palm oil of which the Kuok Group has a majority stake in. Robert Kuok has eight children and his relatives can be seen holding executive positions in his companies. If you want to be part of his empire in the generation to come, look out for people with the surname Kuok.

The Kwek/Quek Family at #7

Image: The Star
Net Worth: US$18.5 billion/RM81 billion
Source of Wealth: Hong Leong Group

The Hong Leong Group was founded by Singaporean Kwek Hong Png and his brothers. The Hong Leong Financial Group was founded as a trading company by Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan, who oversees the Malaysian operation of the Hong Leong group. More than 15 family members control Hong Leong Group, which have interests that range from finance to property.

There you have it. These two hold the largest empires in Malaysia. If Forbes did a list on personal wealth of Malaysians we're sure to see a totally different list.