Have kids who are constantly asking for unhealthy snacks like sweets and chocolates?

It’s not easy to put a stop to such behaviour.

Perhaps you can take your cue from this mother of four from the United Kingdom.

According to a report in Malay Mail, Sarah Balsdon, who was tired of arguing with her kids about constantly disappearing snacks in the house, decided to put a stop to it by purchasing a vending machine.

Thinking out of the box.

Yes, Balsdon actually bought a vending machine for RM536.75 from Facebook Marketplace and filled it with snacks that her family loves.

A creative solution

The idea behind the vending machine is not only to solve the recurring “snack shortage” problem in her home, but also to get her kids to pull their weight around the house.


She explained that her kids would be “paying” for their snacks by using the “wages” they get from completing their household chores, in order to fully understand the value of money and make them think before reaching for a treat.

You got to earn them chocolates kids!

“If they want sweets they can do things like chores and schoolwork to earn money. The kids are excited about this but not as excited as me!"

“I’m not unreasonable, I’ve put them at a cost price,” she posted on Facebook.

Time to try this out with your kids!