Sometimes, just a small act of kindness can make someone's day.

And the act could be just gifting someone a pair of used sneakers.

A small little gift

A man from Segambut touched the hearts of many Malaysians when he gifted a young delivery worker a pair of his used sneakers.

Mohd Faithal Abu Samah told Malay Mail that he decided to do that after he noticed that the delivery worker, who works for J&T Express, was always wearing his old, worn out pair of shoes whenever he delivers parcels to his house.

“I’ve always seen him wearing the same pair of shoes and I felt extremely sympathetic for him as he has to head to many homes in a day with those old shoes," he was quoted as saying.

According to Mohd Faithal, the young delivery worker was always nice, and there were times when he was willing to wait for ten minutes outside his house just so he could personally pass him his parcel.


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So, recently, when Mohd Faithal bumped into the delivery worker again, he immediately asked for his shoe size.

“Luckily, we both share the same shoe size so I was glad to have given him a pair that I've only worn only a few times.

“His face lit up as he was so excited to get the shoes and said that he would even use it for his outings with friends," Mohd Faithal was quoted as saying.

He added that he doesn't believe that one needs to be rich to help those around them.

Way to go, Mohd Faithal. We certainly need more people like you in the world.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: TikTok/erinerahim