You know in bank heist movies where the bank robbers would ask each other what they would do with the money?

If you have a large amount of money you just robbed from the bank, it's understandable for you to want to buy all your dream stuff, but you would do it discreetly because you don't want to get caught, right?

Well, not this Vietnamese man.

A daring robbery

A Vietnamese man was arrested by the police after he posted several photographs of him with his new superbike that he bought using the money he stole from a bank the day before.

According to Vietnam Breaking News, Nguyen Van Nam is suspected of robbing a Vietcombank branch in Hải An, Hải Phòng at gunpoint Friday (7 January).

The 23-year-old was caught on security cameras demanding the teller to give him 3 billion Dong (RM553,534).

He then made his escape on a security guard’s motorbike.

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Nguyen then reportedly met up with his girfriend and gave her 50 million Dong (RM9,225) before burying some of the stolen money under a peach tree near his home.

It's a typical bank heist plot; steal a bunch of money, hide them at a secure place and lay low for a couple of years.

End of the story, right? Well, not for Nguyen.

Flexing his superbike online

After hiding the money, Nguyen reportedly went to a motel to rest and the next day, he decided to go to a motorcycle dealership to purchase his dream superbike.

He reportedly splurged 729 million Dong (RM134,508) on a 2021 Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja superbike.

What's the use of owning a superbike when you can't flex it, right? So, that was what Nguyen did, as he took pictures of him testing and buying the superbike before uploading it onto his Facebook page with the caption: "Just follow your passion, success will follow you."

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In the total opposite of 'laying low', Nguyen was happy to pose for several ceremonial handover photos pictures while receiving the keys to his brand new bike.

The dealership then uploaded the photos and a video of Nguyen testing out the bike on their TikTok page, and it has currently ammased more than 500,000 views.

Arrested by the police

The police who were investigating the bank robbery were able to use the bank's CCTV footage to identify Nguyen, and with a stroke of luck, they were able to pinpoint his location thanks to the photos he uploaded onto his social media page.

The police arrested Nguyen at a hotel on Sunday (9 January), and they managed to recover the superbike, two handguns, an iPhone 13 and 800 million Dong (RM147,609) in cash.

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Nguyen later told the police that he was poor and currently jobless, and had planned to buy a gun and rob a bank for a very long time.

Well, to be fair, he did manage to do that, and he would have gotten away with it if he did not feel the need to flex.