In February, when 'Black Panther' debuted, it changed the entire superhero landscape.

Everyone loved the breath of fresh air Marvel brought to the superhero genre and of course, the cultural influences in the movie.

Speaking of which, we couldn’t help to notice that some of the outfits worn in the movie is actually similar to things that we Malaysians actually wear on a daily or festive basis.

For example, T’Challa wore a black outfit that pretty much resembles the kurta, a traditional garment originating from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for both the men and the ladies.

T'Challa son of T'Chaka wearing the coolest outfit that'll make kurta designers T'Chabar.
People made the prediction that Black Panther’s traditional outfit is going to be a hit soon for this year’s Hari Raya celebrations and true enough, some people jumped on the opportunity.

About a month after 'Black Panther' roared into cinemas, some people spotted a similar outfit being sold at Singapore’s Little India.

They produced this kurta faster than Black Panther's run.
Now, since Hari Raya is coming close, a local company named Batik Souq has also launched their own version of Wakanda’s traditional outfit.

Sporting a similar design to T’Challa’s, the black kurta named Kurta Wakanda Premium Edition is sold at a promotional price of RM159 each. The original price is RM219.

Your makcik bawang will all be busy taking photos with you and forget those questions they always ask you each year.
So guys, what are you waiting for? Time to get suited up and be the King of Hari Raya this year!

For sure all your nosy uncles and aunties who always ask you “When are you getting married?” or “When are you going to have kids?” will be distracted by your outfit.

For more info, visit their Facebook page.