Wakanda forever indeed!

Unless you've been living under a rock all this while, you should know by now that Marvel's latest masterpiece 'Black Panther' is a huge deal: it has recently grossed USD1 billion (RM3.92bil) worldwide, it broke the advance ticket sales record and it is now one of the US' highest grossing domestic films of all time.

Now, it has somehow affected the tourism of a small town in the US as well.

A survey carried out by Hotels.com revealed that searches for Wakanda Park - a small town located in Wisconsin, United States - has surged a whopping 55 per cent in the past two months.

Yes guys, Wakanda Park is a real place!

You don't need a spaceship to go to Wakanda Park.
Although not as technologically advanced as the fictional Wakanda, Wakanda Park boasts a population of 20,000 and they have a pretty cool waterpark.

Wakanda Park is part of Menomonie, a city located in the western part of Wisconsin.

Not only that, the website also noticed that other cities around the world that have a similar pronounciation to Wakanda also saw a noticeable bump in searches.

We hope they greet each other like this though.
Wauconda, Illinois, for example, saw an increase of more than 25 per cent while Makanda, also located in Illinois, got a bump of 40 per cent.

Fiji's Wakaya was up 23.5 per cent and Japan's Wakkanai saw an increase of 55 per cent.

Hotel.com said the search data is for January and February 2018 and compared with the stats of January and February 2017.

That's it! We're about to start a petition to name one of our cities in Malaysia Wakanda (probably Seremban) and hopefully, the Black Panther will call the town home.