With the country being placed under yet another lockdown for god knows how long, we'll likely see an increase of food delivery riders on the road.

More riders on the road could also mean more chances of accidents happening.

One local company is trying to prevent that from happening.

Keeping our riders safe

In keeping with its commitment to make the world a happier place, Wall’s Malaysia, alongside GrabFood, are spreading happiness with the “Wall’s Bersama Riders” campaign.

The campaign aims to keep some of our everyday heroes safe on the road while they work tirelessly to deliver the taste of joy to Malaysians at the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Through the “Wall’s Bersama Riders” campaign, Malaysians can play their part to ensure our hero riders are safe whilst on the job.

Helping them keep safe.
With every purchase of Wall’s ice creams worth RM30 and above on GrabFood, RM5 will be channeled towards the funds needed to purchase the helmets.

The campaign aims to raise and purchase a total of RM100,000 worth of helmets, Shiv Sahgal, Director of Foods & Refreshments category for Unilever Malaysia, said.

“Here at Wall’s, we believe that ice cream makes you happier. So, as one of the most loved brands in the world, what better way to ‘Choose Happier Together’ than to give back to those who have braved these difficult times to put a smile on our faces," he was quoted as saying.

Here's the awesome part: not only will you be able to help keep our abang and kakak riders safe, you'll also get to win some vouchers while doing so.

You stand a chance to receive RM50 worth of ice cream vouchers from Wall’s Malaysia by simply sharing your fondest memories with Grab riders on Instagram, tag @wallsmalaysia and include the hashtags #WallsBersamaRiders #TQGrabRider and #ChooseHappierTogether.

Selected entries will be shared onto Wall’s Malaysia’s social media channels, so start sharing, you guys!

For more information on the “Wall’s Bersama Riders” campaign, check out Wall’s Malaysia’s official Instagram account or Facebook page.