Some people with big feet would tell you that having big feet can be a real curse sometimes.

This man from the United Kingdom could probably attest to that.

You can run, but you can't hide

The man, who's wanted by the police and was on the run, thought it was a good idea to hide in a wardrobe with a big blanket over his head when the authorities came knocking on his door - until his big feet gave him away.

According to a report by Times Now News, the Derbyshire Police raided a house in Swadlincote to look for the man, but they were told that he was not there.

Despite that, they proceeded to search the house and when they looked inside a cupboard, they found the 36-year-old suspect standing behind a rail of clothes.

Hiding underneath a blanket, the man thought he was well hidden, but the police immediately spotted him because his "big feet gave him away".

The police promptly arrested the man, who was under the suspicion of carrying out a string of thefts across South Derbyshire.

Perhaps taking a swipe at the man and his not-so-clever plan, the Swadlincote Police SNT took to their Facebook page to post about the incident.

"Wanted male found hiding under a blanket in the cupboard.

"If we can find you hiding in the loft? If we will run through garden fences to arrest you? Are we not going to look in the cupboard? Would we not recognise you hiding under a blanket?", the department wrote.

Naturally, netizens also had a field day mocking the man in the comment section:

Well, it definitely sucks to be that man.

We have a feeling he won't perform so well playing hide-and-seek then?

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Birmingham Mail