As a fan of blokecore fashion, I’ve always been a fan of tracksuits. The style revolves around the things I love as well growing up; Britpop and Grime. The likes of Oasis and Skepta were donning adidas tracksuits since the late 90s and most men my age felt so drawn to them.

So when adidas came out with the Tiro collection, it was a complete no-brainer for me. The Tiro set became my third piece of adidas clothing after purchasing Argentina’s away shirt and my boyhood team Arsenal’s home shirt (one of them won the world cup and the other, top of the league right now).

The Fit

The fit itself is bold and daring. I’d usually opt for slightly darker shades like dark blue or black, but Tiro’s striking violet caught my attention.

It’s obvious to see where the design comes from; 90s football. The days when Ian Wright were still banging goals and football was at the height of its popularity. The 90s look is currently trending and adidas Trio brings a fresh and bolder approach to the style.

Made from 70% recycled polyester, the top comes with fitted ribbed waist and cuffs. As a plus-sized person, both pieces complimented the shape of my body and made it comfortable to wear.

I wore adidas Tiro to work (and workout) and this is my take on the set.

At Work

Since I work in media, there’s no need to stay formal all the time. Astro allows me to express myself through my clothing and it’s genuinely a fun place to be for creatives like me.

When I walked down the hall with my striking violet-coloured top, of course I received double takes. Especially when the official unspoken top in media and advertising is a black t-shirt. Anything bright and colourful will bring you a bit of attention - and why not, right?

My part of the office can sometimes feel a bit too cold. Despite the jacket being light and thin, it actually helped me combat the cold comfortably. Less coffee breaks for me because of that!

Looking good and feeling good? That's my thing, fam.

During Workouts

My workout routines vary between running, weights and boxing. On long days, I'd usually go for runs at night or a short boxing session at home (My house has a punching bag installed). Gym routines are usually during the weekends when I can have more down time to chill after an instense session.

This is where the versatility of Tiro comes in. Since its rainy season, wearing the whole Tiro getup was ideal for my runs as it gets colder when the night approaches. Since the colours are bright, the outfit also helps drivers see me jogging intensely to hip-hop music in the dark (always wear bright clothes, nightjoggers!).

For boxing, wearing the Tiro jacket may not be the best thing to do. I usually box with a sleeveless shirt on as I need the freedom to swing my arms back and forth. However, Tiro's trackpants helped me move better and fulfill my Mohammad Ali prophecy. In other words, it's easier to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with a pair of comfortable pants.

Same thing to consider at the gym. If your gym is a bit humid, then the pants would do just fine without the top. However, it does feel liberating walking to the gym with matching tracksuit and pants and perform weighted squats right as you arrive. With those bright colours, you'll be the center of attention - and I'm not complaining.

All in all, Tiro is a splendid addition to adidas' new collection and as a blokecore fan, I approve!