Unfortunate incidents may sometimes happen accidentally, as many of us can attest.

When such an incident happened to Carli Beller, she quite literally couldn’t ‘digest’ it.

The 27-year-old had accidentally swallowed one of her Apple AirPods after mistaking it for a painkiller.

According to a report in Times Now News, Beller took to Tik Tok to share the horrific incident while sobbing.

In the video, she explained that she accidentally ate her AirPod and it simply wouldn’t come out. She also said that she’s losing her mind over the incident.

Mistook Airpod for painkiller


For ✨educational✨ purposes heres what happened when I mixed up my ##airpod and an ibuprofen. Here to share awareness ##LevisMusicProject ##fyp

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In the follow-up videos, she explained how she mistook the AirPod for painkiller ibuprofen.

"I had an ibuprofen in one hand. I had an AirPod also in that hand. And I went to go take the ibuprofen, and I took it, and I was like, 'Oh, that was a little hard to get down,' and then I saw the ibuprofen in my hand and the rest is kind of a blur because I was freaking out,” she explained.

The report also said that she tried recording a voice note but didn't realise that the AirPod in her stomach was connected and the sound was transmitted from inside her.

In the end, she just had to wait for the AirPods to pass out naturally.

When it happened, she got an X-ray just to make sure that nothing was left inside.

“I had a feeling that I passed it. I did not retrieve it, but I know that it’s passed. I know that it was in my stomach and no longer is."

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We're glad all ended well in the end.

Please check before you swallow anything to make sure you know what goes into your body.

MAIN IMAGE: Screenshot from TikTok