Last month, social media was abuzz with the whole 'water fish' drama.

If you don't know what exactly a 'water fish' is, you can check out this story we did:

Basically, a 'water fish' derives from the Chinese words 'shui yu' (which literally translates to water fish [shui = water, yu = fish]), and is often used to describe a person who can easily be tricked or is gullible.

But unlike his Malaysian counterpart in the story above, this man in China found the perfect time to cabut when it looked like he was fast becoming a water fish.

Not a charity

Pay for your own meal, ma'am!
According to a report by Chinese news portal Sohu, the man agreed to go on a blind date with a woman in Zhejiang, China.

However, he was horrified to find that his blind date brought along 23 of her relatives after he agreed to pay for the meal.

That wasn't the end of the horrific surprise though, as the man known only as Chen can only watch as the woman's family eat their hearts out and left him with a bill totaling up to a whopping 19,800 yuan (RM12,348)!

The woman’s relatives reportedly took up four tables, ordering alcohol and cigarettes apart from extravagant food.

Thankfully, Chen's momma did not raise a fool, because when he saw the bill, he made a run for it and even turned off his mobile phone so that the woman could not reach him.

However, Chen's matchmaker decided to intervene, and after a brief discussion, agreed to pay only 4,398 Yuan (RM2,738) of the total bill.

Meanwhile, the woman had no choice but to ask her relatives to pay up, reportedly causing dissatisfaction among them as they countered that she was the one who invited them to the dinner.

But hey, at least Chen did not become a 'water fish'. Good on you, sir!