One man's trash is another man's treasure.

This idiom is the perfect description of this story.

A woman has been lambasted by the Twitter community after she uploaded a photo of her sahur or pre-dawn meal on the platform.

The photo features a plate of luxurious lobster fried rice with a rather big crustacean on the plate, which everyone deserves occasionally.

However, the description of the photo drew the irk of netizens, reported Malay Mail.

“Just a simple menu for sahur this morning. Prawn fried rice. Feeling down, having sahur all alone,” she wrote.

The ‘prawn’ she meant was actually the lobster on the plate.

The tweet seemed to be written in a show-off manner and portrayed her lack of modesty and humility during the fasting month.

It doesn’t help that the Covid-19 pandemic has left many jobless or struggling to make ends meet.

This is especially true for the B40 group.

“Please keep what you are eating to urself. Please indulge the spirit of Ramadan,” wrote on user.

“I can only look, even though it is just one (lobster),” wrote another user.

“If this is simple, where does rice and a fried egg fit in? Simple for kayangan (rich and well to do),” said yet another user.

She better pincer-self and wake up after this humbling experience.