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This week we have two submissions from our readers.

"I'm in my late 30s and I'm not sure if the career path that I've chosen is the right one for me. What should I do?"
– Mr. Undecided

"I was recently passed on for a promotion but my colleague that has worked in the same path as me got the promotion instead. Its difficult for me to suddenly report to my colleague now as I felt I deserved the promotion. I want to continue working here but I don't know how to."

– Ms. Taken

Hi Mr. Undecided,

It looks like you're questioning your current career trajectory, and perhaps not very satisfied with it. As a counselor, this is a common question from fresh grads all the way to early forties so you're definitely not alone in wondering about this. But what does the "right one" mean to you?

There's two ways to look at the "right one": what you can do well with your skills and talents (e.g. planning, socializing, analysing, art) and what will give you your desired outcome (e.g. financial security, social recognition, meaningful work, skill mastery). I'm sorry to say that there is no perfect solution here. I would suggest listing your priorities in both these factors in trying to find the one most suitable for you. All the best in your pursuits!

Hey there Ms. Taken,

Sorry that you got passed up for the promotion. It sounds like something you really wanted to get. And as a result, it's awkward at work because your ex-colleague has become your new boss. Maybe taking some time to understand what led to the decision can help.

Ask yourself what your colleague did differently and maybe speak to the person in charge of the promotion about areas you can do to improve. However, it's crucial to approach this with openness: the answer you get may not be easy to accept. If you're still unable to work under your new superior, there is always the option of changing to a different department. But while we can learn from others to improve ourselves, try not to compare successes and failures. We each have our own journey and this is just one chapter in your whole story.


Hansel Wong is a licensed counselor who helps people with relationship, workplace, or personal issues through his private practice, HanselCounsel, located in Petaling Jaya.

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