Many of us would have had the urge to slap someone at least once in our lives but don’t have the guts or opportunity to do so.

Instead of keeping all that negative energy pent up inside, a Shopee seller gave user the option to "virtually" slap people who annoy you.

Interestingly, people actually bought the bestselling ‘viral slap’ service on Shopee.

According to a report in The Rakyat Post, the seller is areld54 from Sabah, and he offered customers a chance to send a virtual slap to anyone they wanted, for a price of between 36 to 47 cents.

The virtual slap reportedly came with a personalised message.

Customers had the option to choose from two types of slaps - a ‘regular’ slap or the ‘HD’ slap.

People actually paid for it

They could send the purchased slaps via WhatsApp to a friend, an enemy, ex-lover or that annoying boss that everyone hates.

Make sure you read the description properly, or else you’ll be at the receiving end!

“Please include the WhatsApp number or I’ll slap you instead,” wrote areld54.

Consider yourselves warned!

The online slap service may look like a joke to many, but people were actually buying it. Over 200 slaps were sold!

Unfortunately, we can no longer find the seller or the product on Shopee. That was shortlived.