Shell Malaysia officially launched their new F&B offering at petrol stations, Shell Café, which offers upgraded coffee options and hot foods.

Deli2go, the original food concept was launched in 2013 and speaking at the launch event, Shell revealed that the time was right to refresh their food offerings to meet customers demands. We posited that the "demand" in this case was due to EVs that need to charge for 20 minutes but they were non-commital on that point.

The news of the Café coincides with their launch of their first 360kW EV charging station in Genting and their efforts to increase EV charging stations throughout the country.

New hot food, tumblers, and lots of coffee

There are two Mac & Cheese options: regular and salted egg yolk and two sausage options: beef or chicken in the new hot foods menu. We personally liked the beef sausage that had crunchy skin and there is variety of sauce options. We went for the cheese and mayo sauce.

Perhaps more notably, there's a bevy of coffee options now which include funky items like the Cokespresso (coke plus espresso) and The Sunrise (orange and espresso). There are also a range of ice blended drinks: coffee, mocha, and chocolate.

The tumblers are all double lined metal tumblers and come in a variety of designs. What we were interested in was their signature coffee bean blend which they had packaged at the event. They're not for sale for now, but they are a mix of 70% Arabica and 30% Liberica, a bean that's harvested exclusively in Johor.

The Liberica is a fascinating bean that is only grown here in Johor and in the Philippines and comprises less than 2% of the global coffee production. The blend was a conscious effort by Shell to support local businesses and was chosen due to its flavour profile.

Shell Café is now available at 80 Shell stations nationwide with plans to expand to 150 stations by the end of 2024. Would you choose to make a stop here?