Earlier this year, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo welcomed the birth of a rare Malayan tapir.

A male calf named Megat was born after his parents Sayang and Mowgli on 31 January, which became exciting news for the zoo following its active conservation programme for the endangered wildlife.

In fact, Megat is one of the eight tapir calves that were born in this very zoo since 2007.

"Malayan tapir populations in the wild are continuing to decline, so all births are incredibly valuable to the breeding programme and we’re really excited about our latest arrival," Edinburgh Zoo hoofstock team leader Jonny Appleyard said.

However, we have some unfortunate news to share.

According to the New Straits Times, the short life of the little Malayan tapir has come to a tragic end.

Currently, Megat's parents, Mowgli born in 2009 from the Dortmund Zoo and Sayang born in 2003 from the London Zoo, are the two adult Malayan tapirs left in Edinburgh Zoo.

The remaining calves have since been sent elsewhere to continue the zoo's breeding programme.

Farewell, Megat.