It seems like the Ministry for Women, Family and Community Development is purposely shoving itself into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons these days.

First, the Doraemon fiasco:

SUMMARY OF EVENTS: the Ministry creates infographic on how to reduce fights between husbands and wives while being indoors during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Advice includes for wives to refrain from nagging at their husbands and instead use 'humourous' language, words or sentences while mimicking Doraemon's voice and laughing coyly.

Pause for eye roll.

Toilet cleaning infographic now under fire

The latest issue is pertaining to toilet cleaning, or rather an infographic on what seems like an idiot's guide to toilet cleaning.

Here it is:

Attempt No 1

The infographic first got netizens riled up because of the 'OH MY BAHASA MALAYSIA' language used!

'Mops lantai' and 'flashkan air' were the main highlighted errors by most netizens on social media:

In an attempt to correct the mistakes, the ministry then replaced the infographic with a new one:

Attempt No 2

After the second infographic was released, netizens zeroed in on issues with the grammar used. For instance, 'disekeliling' should be 'di sekeliling'.

It looks like the Ministry has some mess to cleap up - pun unintended. Just remember to 'mops lantai' and 'flashkan air' when you're done, yeah?

Lots of unanswered questions

Other than the apparent mistakes, the public and Rojak Daily have loads of questions to ask the ministry. They include:

1. Why exactly do we need an infographic on toilet cleaning?

Not obvious meh? And is this really a usual family activity? This writer's toilet can only fit two people max!

2. Why is toilet cleaning the only MCO family activity tip that we see on the ministry's social media page? (We looked at their Insta account)​

We're not sure if we missed stuff here but that's all we found. Maybe it's the first in a series of tips? Even so, why toilet cleaning first lah? Tak faham.

3. Why does the hashtag say #wanitacegahcovid19 and not #keluargacegahcovid19 ?​

While there is nothing wrong with women fighting COVID-19, the hashtag along with the tips suggest that it is mainly the responsibility of women. Why? We're supposed to be in this fight together kan?

4. Is the boy in the infographic yelling or speaking to himself in the mirror? If he is, what is he saying?

This one is mainly a question by this curious writer. She's just trying to figure out if there is some underlying message here. Was the boy possessed? Does he need help? Where's Doraemon when you need him?

5. Why are we being advised to clean our toilet floors with a toilet brush?

Toilet brushes are used to clean the inside of toilet bowls. We use those hard bristled brooms for our toilet floors. We are now absolutely confused and will bring along a pair of toilet slippers when we enter the ministry's toilet.

So anyway, while it's nice to make fun and joke around about these infographics, we seriously think that the Ministry needs to step up.

You are in charge of the welfare of women, family AND the community.

You cannot afford to be making these kinds of mistakes.

Pay attention to spike in domestic violence

In fact, we hope that the ministry pays more attention to the growing number of domestic violence cases in the country during the MCO period

According to recent reports, the number of calls to 'Talian Kasih', a helpline for children and victims of domestic abuse, have increased by 57 per cent.

Free Malaysia Today reported a ministry representative saying that close to 2,000 calls were recorded.

That's a scary increase and something that should be looked into ASAP.

If you are a domestic abuse victim or just need someone to talk to about the matter, you can call Talian Kasih at 15999.