The raging bushfire that has destroyed millions of hectares of land and killed a billion wildlife in Australia has reached a new devastating peak.

According to Space, astronauts can see clouds of smoke from space.

Italian astronaut and International Space Station commander Luca Parmitano recently shared a series of photos of the smoke originating from Australia via his Twitter account.

“An immense ash cloud covers Australia as we fly toward the sunset,” Parmitano tweeted.

NASA astronaut Christina H Koch also shared a series of photos on Twitter with the caption “Australia. Our hearts and thoughts are with you”.

As if the sight of smoke from space isn’t bad enough, NASA has revealed that the smoke from the horrendous bushfires will be making its way across the globe and orbiting back to Australia.

"The smoke is expected to make at least one full circuit around the globe," the US space agency said.
The unusual scale of the bushfire had sent smoke soaring into the stratosphere, with some recorded as high as 17.7km (11 miles).

You can literally see a thick blanket of smoke above the Earth's atmosphere.
"Once in the stratosphere, the smoke can travel thousands of miles from its source, affecting atmospheric conditions globally," NASA said.

Rough times are coming ahead for our planet, so we hope everyone will unite in helping Australia and also in reducing our carbon footprints.