If you happen to be in close contact or suspected of having COVID-19, what happens?

14-day quarantine right?

There's just no shortcuts cause sometimes people are asymptomatic or they may have the virus and only know much later.

Why 14 days? Cause 3-14 days is the incubation period for COVID-19.

Could be up to 14 days.

In fact, the person who is suspected of having it will have to take several tests during the 14-day period just to be sure that they don't have the virus.

Makes absolute sense kan?

This is probably why many were dumbfounded to hear Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jeffrey Kitingan say that health officials cleared him early just so that he could attend Parliament.

12-day quarantine

According to a report by The Star, concerns about Kitingan's early release were first raised by DAP’s Kota Kinabalu MP Chan Foong Hin via a Facebook post.

"Shouldn’t he follow SOP too? Why double standard? Where is MKN, MOH?

"We Sabah MPs have sacrificed a lot. To obey the 14 days quarantine upon arrival at KL. No going back to constituency throughout the whole parliament sitting," he wrote.

The matter was also raised by several Opposition members in Parliament.

Due to the high number of cases in Sabah, it was an SOP that all Sabahans arriving in Kuala Lumpur undergo 14-day quarantine.

MOH released me

“I went to the health office and they gave me the quarantine release order. My quarantine wrist band was cut off.

“It is not true I did not observe the quarantine. They (Opposition) just kacau (disturb me), ” said Kitingan when contacted by the daily.

He also provided a copy of a quarantine release order issued by the Health Ministry on 23 November which was two days before his actual 14-day quarantine was supposed to end.

We still can't understand/brain the decision by the Health Ministry.

What do you guys think? Shouldn't 14 days mean 14 days?

Even if he seemed healthy, why risk it right?