A six-year-old leukemia patient’s dream to ride in a police mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) came true recently with the help of the Seberang Prai Utara district police.

The department granted the wish of Muhammad Firash Arryan Muhammad Yusri who suffers stage four of the illness, during the 214th Police Day celebration last Thursday (25 March).

Donning a police baret before the ride.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Noorzainy Mohd Noor said that the police learnt about Muhammad Firash wish and just wanted to do something special for the boy.

"We decided to take this opportunity, in conjunction with the Police Day today, to fulfil his wish by taking him for a short ride nearby.

"You can see how happy Muhammad Firash was during the ride. We are happy that we are able to bring some joy to him," he said as reported by New Straits Times.

Making a wish come true

A dream come true.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother Aida Royani Abdul Razak said she was grateful to the police for fulfilling her son’s wish.

"He has always been interested in becoming a policeman. Yesterday, he was so happy when we told him that he could go for a ride in the MPV.

"I want to thank the district police for fulfilling my boy's wish despite their tight schedule," she was quoted as saying.

Good on all the abang polis for making Muhammad Firash's wish come true.