With so much chaos surrounding us, it is always lovely to hear stories about kind human beings.

Facebook user Zairam Neezar shared a lovely story about a delivery rider he met recently.

Zairam said that he met the man on an unfortunate day when his car's tyre punctured resulting in him and his daughter being stranded on a highway in Cyberjaya.

Tyre issues.

Zairam told Malay Mail that he could not fix the tyre as he didn’t have a spare.

Luckily for him, the both of them were spotted by a delivery rider known as Mat.

“The road was quite narrow because there is a lot of construction going on for the MRT line. So, I didn’t want my daughter to be seated in the car in case another vehicle hit my car when passing by,” he said.

“I took her out and we were sitting on the guardrail at the side of the road. I think that’s when Mat noticed us,” he said as quoted in the report.

A gesture from the heart

Zairan said Mat first spotted them while on his way to make a delivery. Upon finishing the deed, he passed them again when using the same road and realised that they were still there.

That was when he approached them to offer help.

“He offered to call a repairman for me, but I told him that I was already waiting for a friend to come pick us up. But he still wanted to help in some way, so he said he would buy us the refreshments at least,” said Zairam.

Moments later, Mat returned with two mineral water bottles, a juice box and some cookies.

He even refused to take the money that Zairam offered in return.

“All he asked for in return was for me to wish him and his family well,” said Zairam.

Zairam thanked Mat in the Facebook post that he shared, letting the world know that there are still kind people like Mat who help unconditionally.

We need more people like Mat!