When times get tough, that's when we'll normally see the true nature of human beings.

Thankfully for us, these tough times have shown us that Malaysians are generally a caring and loving bunch.

Extending a helping hand

A Seremban family's kind act of opening their house to a couple in need has warmed the hearts of Malaysians.

According to a report by Bernama, L. Linda Kasturi, 39, and her husband Karthik, 35, from Seremban opened up their doors to Mohamad Fakhrulzaman Abdul Malik, 57 and Rohayati Salleh, 46, an elderly couple who lost their source of income during the movement control order (MCO).

The elderly couple has been staying with Linda and Karthik for about six months now, and Linda even calls them her “new mother and father”.

Like one big family.
Linda told the news agency that she met the couple when she wanted to buy a refrigerator and learnt that Fakhrulzaman, who worked as a cook, lost his job due to the MCO.

Things were so bad, Fakhrulzaman and Rohayati were also forced to sell their belongings due to their dire situation.

“My intention at that time was just to buy a refrigerator but I felt sorry for ‘dad’ who lost his job at a restaurant since the MCO and the situation forced them to sell their furniture to make a living and pay their rent,” Linda was quoted as saying.

So, Linda invited the elderly couple to stay with them as she has plenty of room at home.

Truly 1Malaysia

They are respectful of each other's beliefs.
Despite being from different faiths, Linda said they are respectful of each other’s beliefs, only halal and clean food is prepared in their home and Fakhrulzaman and Rohayati are given a special space to pray.

Linda said the couple completes her family, and she wants to take care of them as long as possible.

As for Fakhrulzaman and Rohayati, they told Bernama that they grateful for the help they get from Linda and her family.

“Linda and her family helped me and my wife a lot besides taking good care of us.

“I am very grateful to Linda for her willingness to have us stay with her family and providing us with halal meals.

“I don’t care what outsiders want to say but only me and this family know how close and loving we are as a family,” Fakhrulzaman was quoted as saying.

This is such a heartwarming story.