It’s every parent’s nightmare to lose a child in crowd places like shopping malls, markets and theme parks. For this man, that nightmare was almost an inch closer to reality.

Jaffrule Zaffrule together with his family and friends spent their weekend up in breezy Genting Highlands after a long week at work. As they were enjoying the thrilling rides of Genting’s indoor theme park, Jaffrule’s wife volunteered to watch over their child and everyone’s belonging.

While queueing for the ride, Jaffrule saw two women surrounding his wife. The man kept a watchful eye as he suspected the pair were plotting to snatch their valuables. To his disbelief, one of the women, who was wearing a telekung at the time (Islamic prayer wear), pulled his child into her clothing and carried him.

Jaffrule rushed for aid and with the help of Genting’s auxiliary police, the pair were brought to a secure interrogation room.
@alfitry_azmi52 Hati-hati yang mana bawa anak, semalam kat Genting, almost jadi kes besar. #sindiket #culikanak #genting@Maz ? ♬ original sound - alfitryazmi52
However, many commenters said that Jaffrule’s claim was slander since the two women were not given the chance to explain themselves and justify their actions. In a new video posted by Jaffrule himself, the man rationalised the situation and garnered more than one million views on TikTok.


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♬ original sound - Jaffrule Zaffrule
Fortunately, no one was harmed in the incident, thanks to the authorities in Genting Highlands who were quick to act on the situation. While we’re on the topic of Genting, we also wrote about new attractions you have to check out when in the Highlands.

Sadly, this isn’t the first alleged human trafficking case involving Malaysians off-late. A number of Malaysians were reported missing after a Thailand and Myanmar-based job syndicate went viral, with one confirmed casualty so far. As of now, there are no new updates regarding the case with the Malaysian police working hand-in-hand with international authorities to bring the missing Malaysians home.