To be honest, this is a no-brainer.

When you ask Malaysians which dish they would most likely to order for takeaway during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, the answer is likely consist of one or two choices.

So, it's no surprise that the food that we Malaysians love to order the most during the MCO is none other than...the roti canai!

Mamak food dominate the lists

Yep, that's right; the Indian flatbread is ranked No. 1 on both GrabFood and FoodPanda's list during the MCO period.

The Star Online, quoting FoodPanda Malaysia managing director Sayantan Das, reported that roti canai and roti telur were two of the top breakfast and snack items ordered by Malaysians since the MCO started on 18 March.

Interestingly, Sayantan revealed that roti canai was not even ranked on their list before the MCO was announced.

Nobody likes nasi lemak anymore?
Next on the list are nasi goreng kampung, nasi goreng ayam and nasi ayam penyet.

Oh, what about our unofficial 'national dish', the nasi lemak, you ask?

Surprisingly, nasi lemak only managed to occupy the sixth spot, followed by satay ayam, chicken rice, nasi goreng Pattaya and nasi kukus ayam berempah.

He said crowd favourites like pizza and coffee are also increasingly popular.

Interestingly, tau foo fah made it to the list.
On the GrabFood list, meanwhile, satay made it into the second spot, followed by egg tart, roti telur, tau foo fah (a Chinese dessert made with soft tofu), and siew pau.

Nasi lemak is listed seventh in its top 10 list, followed by nasi impit, telur dadar (omelette) and nasi goreng kampung.

“It’s quite clear that many of us are missing the mamak and local street food during this stay-at-home period, ” Malaysia Grab country head Sean Goh was quoted as saying.

He said before the MCO, the data showed that the people indulged more in fast food items like fried chicken, burgers, pizza, fries and bubble tea.

Guys, we know you miss eating out but take care of your health too, OK?