We all know the frustration that comes with working with a slow internet connection.

While we have faced such a situation many times and felt like setting the whole system on fire when it happens, we never actually did that.

Well, one man in China had no problems carrying out his threat.

Burn it all down!

The man, who's known only as Lan, was reportedly at an internet cafe located in Guangxi, China last June when he started getting frustrated with the slow internet connection.

According to a report by AFP, Lan vented his frustrations by destroying a public box containing optical fibre network cables.

The testimony mentioned that the man “used a lighter to set a napkin he had on him on fire, then burned down a telecommunications box at a traffic intersection”.

The fire was big enough that it caused an internet access loss to nearly 4,000 households and offices, including a public hospital, for up to 50 hours.

“After the incident, public security officials seized Lan’s instrument of crime - a lighter,” the court said.

For the offence, Lan was sentenced to a seven-year jail term for “destroying public telecommunications facilities”.

So, the next time you threaten to set your internet on fire, we suggest that you don't.