In the age of social media, it is hard to find a good news source as technology makes the spreading of fake news more rampant.

Thankfully, we have news sites like Astro Awani to keep us in the know.

In fact, the 24-hour news television channel has been named as the most trusted news brand in Malaysia.

The brand Malaysians trust the most

The Annual Review of the Reuters Digital News Studies Institute 2020 has ranked Astro Awani as Malaysia's number one most trusted news site.

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) came in second while The Star came in third.

"Astro AWANI stands at the forefront of the most trusted news brand, which also highlights critical approaches to the discussion of news and current affairs," the report added.

Astro Awani is not only Malaysia's most trusted news source, they are pretty doing great in other categories too!

For the weekly offline and online reach, Astro Awani managed to come in second, just behind TV3 for the television, radio and print media categories.

They also ranked second (behind Malaysiakini) in the Online Brands category.

Well done, Astro Awani! Keep up the good work. We at Rojak Daily aspire to be like you guys!